Dog Walker Attacked and Killed by Her Own Giant Pitbull

Dog Walker Attacked and Killed by Her Own Giant Pitbull
Dog Walker Attacked and Killed by Her Own Giant Pitbull (Photo: Reproduction/Social Media)

A dog walker was attacked to death by her own giant pitbull while walking eight pets.

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Natasha Johnston suffered severe injuries from “multiple penetrating bites” during the violent attack in Surrey, England, in January. It was previously reported that the dog responsible for the death of the 28-year-old was a giant American Bully.

However, veterinarian Dr. Alison Robson, a court witness who examined the cause of Natasha’s death, stated that her dog, Stan, was a pitbull, which is one of the four breeds banned in the UK under the Dangerous Dogs Act 1991.

Months earlier, Natasha had reportedly rescued Stan after his owners planned to euthanize him because he had bitten one of their children. A friend also mentioned that the dog had bitten Natasha twice in the days leading up to the tragic attack, according to a report by the Mirror.

“She felt that Stan hadn’t been trained, and with the right care and attention, he would be fine. Her boyfriend said it wasn’t a good idea, and having seen how problematic Stan could be, my response was, ‘Are you sure?'” said Delia Lewis, a friend of Johnston, to the Daily Mail.

“But she loved dogs passionately and was still grieving for her dog, Missy, who had recently died, so she didn’t follow our advice,” Lewis added. Two of the other dogs that were walking with Johnston that day are still in custody.

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