Startup Creates Innovative Solution that Gives Autonomy to Blind Dogs

Startup Creates Innovative Solution that Gives Autonomy to Blind Dogs
Startup Creates Innovative Solution that Gives Autonomy to Blind Dogs (Photo: Disclosure)

Founded in 2015, Blindog, the only startup in the world to solve the problem of canine blindness through technology, was born out of a personal need by co-founders Luana Wandecy and Natália Dantas.

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Both of them had blind dogs and couldn’t find a solution to restore autonomy to their pets, which is when the idea for the product emerged. “As my little dog, Princesa, aged, she began losing her sight, and as a result, she started hurting herself frequently by running into walls and furniture. My family and I searched and couldn’t find anything that would allow her to walk without getting hurt,” says Luana Wandecy, co-founder.

“It was during Startup Weekend Natal, when I shared this problem with Natália, who also had a blind poodle named Sherlock, that the idea of creating a solution for canine blindness, Blindog, came about. Since then, we have sold over 3,000 devices in Brazil, Portugal, Spain, the United States, Canada, and the Netherlands.”


The differentiating factor of Blindog lies in the innovative technology used in its devices, which is patented and produced domestically. The device is lightweight, comfortable, and rechargeable, providing blind dogs with an effective way to navigate the world.

Through vibrational stimuli, dogs quickly learn to associate the vibrations with potential obstacles, allowing them to safely navigate around them. With a remarkable success rate in just seven days, the device provides a new normal and independence for pets, eliminating the need for training.


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Upcoming Releases

Looking ahead, Blindog is about to launch two new products that will cater to dogs and cats with various needs, regardless of disabilities. This expansion reflects the startup’s ongoing vision to offer comprehensive and innovative solutions for pets.

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