Hilarious Videos Capture Cat Leaps Gone Very Wrong

Hilarious Videos Capture Cat Leaps Gone Very Wrong
Hilarious Videos Capture Cat Leaps Gone Very Wrong (Photo: Reproduction/Instagram)

A compilation of videos featuring cats leaping onto surfaces covered in aluminum foil and having hilarious reactions is making internet users burst into laughter!

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“Best of cat memes: cats vs. tin foil,” reads the caption shared alongside the video, which has already garnered over 44 million views, along with more than 1 million likes and thousands of comments from internet users who found the scene amusing.

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“I learned something today, my cats gone learn something by tonight,” shared an Instagram user. “It looks like they’re being shocked by electricity. I gotta try this,” said another. “I tried it with mine, unfortunately, it didn’t phase them,” admitted a third. “Cat repellent,” wrote another.

Cats and Aluminum Foil

Many owners use aluminum foil as a powerful training tool to teach their cats not to climb onto surfaces such as kitchen countertops or interact with specific objects like Christmas trees.

But why do cats dislike aluminum foil so much? According to experts, aluminum foil has some unique properties that make it particularly alarming to cats. When moved, folded, or stepped on, the foil emits a very distinct high-pitched sound.

The sudden and sharp noise in combination with the unusually smooth texture of aluminum foil when the cat isn’t expecting it can cause sensory overload, quickly deterring the feline from the surface in question.

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