Cute Video: Dog with ‘longest nose in the world’ becomes a hit on social media

Vídeo fofo: Cachorro com 'nariz mais longo do mundo' faz sucesso nas redes sociais. Fotos e Vídeo: Reprodução Instagram @loopsnoot
Cute Video: Dog with ‘longest nose in the world’ becomes a hit on social media. Instagram @loopsnoot

Lapsha, a lovable doggie with the “longest nose in the world” has gone viral on social media with her adorable antics in Canada.

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Canadian Lapsha of the Borzoi breed (Russian Greyhound), has an impressively long nose measuring 30.5 centimeters, making her extremely clumsy, yet fans can’t get enough of her cute posts on her Instagram account.
Lapsha has won over a huge fan base, and they adore her long snout. There’s no shortage of cuteness as her owners document her life.

Or, as they say, the “daily struggles” of Lapsha, due to her big nose. The award-winning doggie has nearly 110 thousand followers on Instagram.

However, as adorable as she is, her owners state that they have real concerns regarding the size of her snout. Borzois are known for their strikingly long faces, but Lapsha’s excessively long nose means that she is often clumsy and leaves a mess wherever she goes.

Photos and Video: Instagram Reproduction @loopsnoot

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