Check out 5 cleaning tips for homes with dogs and cats

Check out 5 cleaning tips for homes with dogs and cats
Check out 5 cleaning tips for homes with dogs and cats (Photo: Disclosure)

Those who have pets at home know that keeping the environment clean, organized, and smelling fresh is a challenge. However, you don’t have to give up living with your pets to have a well-sanitized and safe home for everyone’s health.

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According to the EsfreBom ambassador and biomedical microbiologist Roberto Figueiredo, popularly known as Dr. Bacteria, there are several diseases that can be caused by the presence of animals, such as sinusitis, rhinitis, asthma, giardiasis, and toxoplasmosis. The good news is that ensuring a clean environment is relatively easy, especially when using the right products and tools. Check out the cleaning tips and product recommendations from the expert!


“Before you start cleaning the house, remember that you have a pet. Therefore, never use bleach and chlorine where your pet walks, as these products can cause contact dermatitis on their paws and skin,” explains Dr. Bacteria.

The expert’s suggestion is to always check the composition of the chemical products on the packaging to make sure they won’t cause harm. “Products containing ammonia should also be avoided because the smell stimulates the dog to urinate in the areas where this substance was used,” he advises.


Even if your pet’s hygiene is up to date, the animal’s odor tends to dominate most homes. To eliminate the smell, Dr. Bacteria recommends a practical and efficient solution: “In a bucket, mix in this sequence: 1 liter of water, ¼ cup of alcohol, 1 tablespoon of baking soda, ½ cup of white vinegar, and 1 tablespoon of fabric softener. Put it in a spray bottle and use it in the areas where the odor is stronger.” After that, to maintain a pleasant odor in the environment, opt for air fresheners with mild fragrances.


Even the most trained dogs can occasionally urinate in the wrong place. “To clean up urine, use a paper towel or cloth to remove the excess liquid. Then, spray the homemade mixture to sanitize and eliminate the strong odor,” he recommends.


Hair can cause mites that, in addition to the usual dirt in the house, increase the likelihood of allergic reactions – in both owners and pets, and can also cause respiratory and allergic diseases. Cats, especially older ones, tend to shed a lot of hair throughout the house. As for dogs, this happens especially during molting seasons. To alleviate the problem, one tip is to keep them well-groomed and well-brushed.

“When the hair is all over the floor, to truly get rid of it, it’s important to avoid sweeping the area, which would stir it up into the air. On the floor, use a good mop and microfiber cloths on the furniture, as both retain dirt, even micro-particles, and prevent hair from being transferred from one place to another. Vacuum cleaners are also good options, especially for larger amounts of hair. To finish, use adhesive rollers to clean the sofa, for example, and other surfaces,” comments the expert.


For owners who allow their pets to stay in beds, it’s important to change pillowcases, sheets, and blankets twice a week. The pet’s bed should also be cleaned with the same frequency. As for the utensils used by the pet, such as bowls and toys, cleaning should be done daily.

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